Mujeres en Gastronomía

The women's network that shows that talent in gastronomy has no gender

It is based in a collaborative spirit movement which aims encouraging women’s visibility within the gastronomy world.

We work supporting female talent and disseminating knowledge in equitable means. Moreover, we pursuit the set up of a networking, collaboration and synergies space that can lead us up to new business, academic and scientific projects.

Who has a place in the association?

Our battle is against pre-established stereotypes and to diagnose inequality situations. We long for spreading up knowledge and support talent. Our goal is that synergies between MEG members work in behalf of everyone enrichment and growth, in order to boost female leadership.

The organisation strives for being a reference in the women visibility search, as well as in the gender equality within the gastronomy field. The final aspiration is making MEG MISSION not necessary by reaching parity in the sector everyday life.

Our values

We break with pre-established stereotypes identifying inequality situations and spreading the knowledge and promoting women talent.

We work for the women visibility parity within the field.

Because from the kitchens we can also do a lot for the environment, from MEG we bet on the Kilometer Zero product showing what we best know.

For many professionals career paths which have contributed so much to this area.

MEG is a movement which claims to adding value to any social aspect in a collaborative and productive way.

To any way of thinking, always looking for dialogue and respect. Zero tolerance to mistreatment or any kind of violence.

With any cause related with women’s visibility within gastronomy or society in general.

We go further and MEG declares itself environment defender as a source of life and as an essential base for any movement.

For any action, proposal or Project that matches with MEG philosophy.

Join MEG

We want to create that ecosystem of trust, of diversity, where female talent can grow, flourish and shine personally and professionally, creating synergies and supporting each other.

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Asociación MEG

The MEG Association launches web

The Association of Mujeres en Gastronomía continues to take firm steps in its objectives and that is why it has decided to shape the entire movement generated and all the expectations created in the form of a website. With the intention of being able to reach every corner of the planet, the MEG Association launches a website to become the clear reference for all women and men who want to fight day by day to give visibility and recognition that women deserve in the sector gastronomic.

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At Mujeres en Gastronomía organisation we work to give value and dimension to the work that thousands of women do day by day in such an important field as the gastronomic.

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Our sponsors

Mujeres en Gastronomía has the support of its official sponsors, Mahou San Miguel and Gaviotagrup and its collaborators Casa Mediterráneo, Bacalao El Barquero, Sanosil, Banco Sabadell, Scoolinary, BRA and the Universities of Alicante and Salamanca.

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